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One of the things that we hold most dear in life is our eyesight as this affects the quality of our life. If the quality of your vision is being reduced as they are clouded by cataracts, you may be losing the ability to enjoy the things that you love. Fortunately, recent innovations in cataract surgery now make it possible for cataracts to be removed with greater precision and accuracy than ever before to help you regain the quality of your life.

At Murdoch Ophthalmology, we are proud to provide you with this advanced bladeless refractive cataract surgery option which in fact wasintroduced into Perth by our very own Dr. Kai Goh in 2013. Click here to read about this in The West Australian’s Health and Medicine section. The LensSx® Laser is a state-of-the-art system that delivers Refractive Cataract Surgery with femtosecond precision. Automating the most challenging steps compared to traditional cataract surgery, the LensSx® laser provides the eye surgeon with image-guided control to perform lens fragmentation, anterior capsulotomy, and corneal incisions.


With this advanced technology, the LensSx® laser, it allows for a more safe and precise cataract surgery. It does this by creating a custom digital map of your eye for the most critical stages of the surgery. This includes creating precise incisions which can also help to reduce astigmatism. This kind of technology has been well proven to work, having been used in LASIK surgery for the past 10 years.

Benefits of LensSx® Laser Cataract Surgery

  • Proven, safe technology
  • True customised solution as the LensSx provides precise measurement and mapping of critical areas during the planning phase of the eye laser surgery that creates digital images of your eyes not possible with traditional cataract surgery.
  • Completely bladeless, providing more predictable, visual results through increased accuracy and precision
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Takes less surgical time to perform